Burlicon Equipment CC

Suited for a variety of industrial processes, Burlicon Equipment CC offers an extensive range of products engineered to meet the security requirements of your industry.

This is an equipment supplier for manufacturers of all kinds; from general to specialty needs. They provide a complete range of machining engineering services, structural engineering, and general manufacturing needs.

Save time with our machinery and equipment for general manufacturing needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Look no further for Engineering service Structural engineer design and production - Burlicon Equipment CC can help you with your general manufacturing needs complete with machining off shafts or gears.

The company also has a commitment to providing customers with high-quality machining services and warranty terms that come with every purchase.

Manufacturing Machining Engineering Structural Material Handling Equipment

For over 28 years, Burlicon Equipment CC has been an esteemed provider of manufacturing machining engineering structural material handling equipment. We are a well-established and local leader in the industry. Our professional engineers and sales staff have the knowledge and experience to provide the right solution for your job. Our specific manufacture of all types of tanks, storage, mild steel, stainless steel, offset cones, bucket elevator design, mixer for mines, rotary valves, roto scoops, and conveyors feeders are proven worldwide in different industries.

Designs that perform

We have great pride in our design team which has been designing quality equipment since 1994. They work closely with our customers to ensure that the equipment is designed for maximum efficiency and productivity. Through careful engineering and meticulous attention to detail, we offer robust designs that perform.

Expertise with custom solutions

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide custom solutions for unique or difficult tasks. Engineers from various disciplines work together to produce only the best custom designs tailored to your operation's needs.

Cost-effective equipment

We aim for efficiency when it comes time for you to buy new machinery or machinery parts from us; we will always provide the most cost-effective and quickest solution for you so that you can get on with your business without any delays.

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Burlicon Equipment CC, the world's finest manufacturer

We make the best equipment for your needs.

Cutting-edge technology and quality

We employ advanced manufacturing processes and utilize the latest technology to produce quality products. From prototype to final products, we strive to make sure that every product meets stringent international standards.

Global presence, local expertise

We are a global company with offices in many countries, but we are especially proud of our local presence - thanks to the decades of experience and knowledge we have in our backyard. Combined with our global reach, we can provide you with a complete solution.

Expertise in all types of machinery