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Screw Washer Separators


The Burlicon Screw Washer Separator is a unit for washing, dewatering and classifying sand, gravel and similar materials.  Single or double – Screw machines are available in various sizes from processing from 25 to 160 tons per hour.


The Screws of the Sand Washers perform a scrubbing action on the sand, which frees loan and other foreign matter and keep it in suspension until it can be carried away in the overflow.  Pressure is exerted by the screws, in elevating the sand forces out the water, thus producing clan low-moisture sand.


Washer Separators for gravel are the same construction as the Sand Washers, but the screws operate at a higher speed to produce a scouring action between the product particles, dirt and other foreign matter adhering to the gravel, and forced into suspension.  Fresh water sprays at the discharge end of the trough provide additional washing.

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