The Burlicon Screw Conveyor is a very reliable and economical conveying method.  It can also be used in most applications.  Made in a wide range of sizes and types, Burlicon Screw Conveyors handle bulk materials on many kinds – light

The Burlicon Bucket Elevator comprises a series of buckets, attached to either an endless chain or belt, enabling material to be lifted vertically.  The Burlicon Bucket Elevators are made in several types and are suitable for many requirements n

Vibrating Screens   Burlicon has a range of Vibrating Screens which are designed for efficiency, simplicity and trouble-free long life.  These units are individually designed to suit the material characteristics.  Screens are ava

Take-Up Units   The Burlicon Take-Up Unit is used on Belt or Chain conveyors wherever possible stretch or wear could take place, necessitating adjustments.   Burlicon supplies a wide range of Take-Ups Units used for bucket elevat

Belt Trippers and Travelling Ploughs   Burlicon design and manufacture a range of Fixed or Travelling Trippers to suit all belt widths.  The Burlicon Belt Trippers are individually designed to suit the belt tension.  They can be

Pulleys   Burlicon manufactures a full range of Conveyor and Bucket Elevator Pulleys to customer requirements.  Machined Pulleys with flat or crowned faces are available as well as rubber lagged types.  Rubber lagging in either p

Belt Conveyors / Feeders Burlicon Belt Conveyor / Feeders are individually designed to suit the customer’s requirements.  These are designed in light, medium or heavy duty construction. Burlicon Portable Belt Conveyors are, as above

Skip Hoists   The Skip Hoists consists of a guided bucket which is hoisted vertically or at an inclined angle by means of a Hoist Motor.  These units are known for the dependability as well as the simplicity of their design.  The

Jet Slingers   The Jet Slingers consist of short high-speed belt conveyor in which the carrying surface of the belt is held in a concave curve by hold-down discs, at each side of the belt.  A Vertical spout directs the material onto m

Rotary Feeders   Burlicon Equipment manufactures a fully fabricated Rotary Feeder with either direct or chain driven gear motors.  Variable speed drives are also available.  Apart form providing a seal to a hopper or a silo, it c

Trolley Conveyors   Trolley Conveyors are a versatile conveying medium for handling parts, components and assemblies.  They consist of an endless power driven chain, suspended by ball bearing trolleys from an overhead track.

Roto Scoops   The Roto Scoop Separator is a dewatering and classifying machine which be regulated to deliver material conforming to exacting specifications, retaining or removing fines in the proportions desired, with remarkable accuracy a

Oil Skimmers   Burlicon Equipment manufactures an Oil Skimmer unit which separates oil from water.  These units are available in various sizes.  Operation of these units is by means of a thin steel band running around two wheels,

Apron Conveyors and Feeders   The Burlicon Apron Conveyor / Feeder consist of parallel chains to which a series of overlapping pans are mounted.  As the conveyor / Feeder is able to withstand a large amount of heat as well as high imp

Submerged Belt Conveyor   Submerge Belt Conveyors are used mostly in boiler ash handling applications but can be used to cool other materials.  The unit comprises of a “u” formed belt running through a trough of water and

General Fabrication   Burlicon Equipment will undertake most fabrication in mild or stainless steel.  The following services are available on application:   Profile Cutting Rolling of Plates Machining Plate Bending

Mixers and Blenders   Burlicon Equipment design and manufacture two basic types of Mixers; Paddle Mixer Ribbon Blender   The Paddle Mixer consists of single or multiple rotating shafts to which a series of adjustable p

Burlicon Selveyor (En-Masse) or Chain Conveyor   The En-Masse is a self feeding, self discharging, conveyor / elevator combination.  The material is moved by flights attached to an endless chain which moves in two separate casings.

Screw Washer Separators   The Burlicon Screw Washer Separator is a unit for washing, dewatering and classifying sand, gravel and similar materials.  Single or double – Screw machines are available in various sizes from processin

Gates   Burlicon Manufactures a full range of Cut off Gates, these being: Rotary Cut-off valves Bin Gates Undercut Gates Duplex Gates Vertical Slide Gates Tunnel Gates Rack and Pinion Gates Dust –tight Rack and Pi
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